Parent Permissions



  • Peter Goddard

    For me, I usually control/oversee everything my kiddos purchase. I'd prefer better notifications that show within my profile (in app) that show the Kid Account and purchase info (show very generic currently). 

    I'd love a better way to fund their accounts. I use the friend pay option but would prefer to send a monthly allowance amount automatically (via Funding).

  • Elizabeth Schiefen

    I’m not sure if there are notifications yet, but I would love to see notifications when they spend and when they haven’t contributed funds to a bill or savings qube.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to approve/disapprove certain Qubes from opening.

  • Support

    Peter Goddard Did you know the peer-to-peer can be set to repeat monthly and other frequencies?

  • Michael Patrick Walton

    I thought about giving my 8yo son a card, but the only case I wouldn't want to approve it is maybe for his own personal account.

    I also would want to be able to restrict his ability to make transactions. Maybe already a thing? Not using family yet, because it's hard to justify the cost for one 8yo.


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