Qube Money Roadmap



  • Benjamin Miller

    Are there any loose timelines associated with these? Like Next is 3-6 months out and future is 6-12 months or something like that.

    The "Future" plans look great! I'd love to see those even before the "Next" group.

  • Paul M Edwards

    Great stuff, thank you for your hard work and for communicating well with us.

  • Michealrafter

    Thank you for this info, super helpful.

    I look forward to a Qube widget for iOS… I was thinking about that, and ability to create shortcuts related to Qube functions.

  • Anthony Seale

    This is great! Can't give us too much information, so please keep us updated. A post per sprint would be great to let us know what's in that sprint and what the estimated roll out will be. Gotta love agile development!

    I'm extremely glad to see the engagement Kaylee Dunn! Thank you!

  • Anthony Seale

    If you edit the roadmap, could you mark what you edited to show what was added/removed?

  • Nicholas Newport

    I'm glad to see that there is a visual roadmap of the plans that Qube has. I do wish there was some form of actual timeline with an expect time rather than just "Next" or "Future". I do have a suggestion for the far future though, I would really like the ability to add physical cash to the bank account like how some cards from other banks let you go to stores like Walmart to add cash to them. I feel like this would add more to the banking experience with Qube. Definitely looking forward to seeing the future of Qube.


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