Option to reserve money for tips
2 votes 3 comments
Bug: Android app: "Warning" transactions crash app
0 votes 0 comments
Bimonthly for Bill Frequency
2 votes 1 comment
Due Date Changes More Than Once With Multiple Charges on the Same Day
1 vote 0 comments
Give Spending Qube's more Budget Options
2 votes 2 comments
Add Rewards/APY to encourage people to keep savings in qube
4 votes 2 comments
Add qubeless on/off toggle to individual qubes
1 vote 1 comment
Support Zelle transfers
7 votes 2 comments
Sections / groupings among spend and bill qubes
2 votes 2 comments
Editing recurring transfer
1 vote 1 comment
Default Qubes that come preset with a new account
0 votes 0 comments
Plaid support for connecting Qube/Choice Financial to other services
9 votes 1 comment
Either send incoming money to the right qube or give us a way to view balance history on Cloud
1 vote 0 comments
Ability to Generate a New Virtual Card Without Closing the Qube
2 votes 0 comments
Editing a reoccurring transfer - date changes
1 vote 1 comment
Web app - Goals sorted by due date doesn't take year into account
0 votes 0 comments
More Bill Schedule Options
4 votes 3 comments
Qube Roadmap Update
3 votes 0 comments
Give account for failed bill qube charge notifications.
3 votes 0 comments
Customize Notifications
3 votes 0 comments
Gas Stations - Pad Available Balance
2 votes 2 comments
Apple Watch App
8 votes 4 comments
Mint Support
5 votes 4 comments
Tracking information for physical cards
3 votes 0 comments
Logged out without warning & multiple error messages
0 votes 0 comments
Copy and Paste Card Number
9 votes 4 comments
Small Qubeless transactions when Qubeless is off
0 votes 3 comments
Sort doesn't work on
0 votes 0 comments
Automatic Qube Funding When Money Received
7 votes 11 comments